May 302014

The Students’ Experiences

This year I joined French Club and I enjoyed myself very much. The activity which I liked the most was the Library Quiz. We worked in groups and we could discuss the answers for the questions.

Stefania Gatt Form 2Alpha

I always considered French as one of my studies but I never thought that learning a language could be so much fun! French club helped me to build upon the skills I’ve learned in class through multiple activities. From a treasure hunt to charades, a quiz and some exercises here and there this has been a truly amazing experience.
I must say that at first I was in doubt if I should sign up but I must say that I’m very glad I did. I encourage more students to attend and I look forward to next year!

 Maria Aquilina and Mia Vassallo Form 2A

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Jun 062013

The students that have missed and ECDL exams (both from the first and second session) will ONLY be able to sit for their missing exam on Saturday 15th June

Mar 072013


All form 5s doing their ECDL module 7 (The Internet) need to read the slides provided on the school website (Handout 01 till Handout 07)

We will be going over the material and working on the handouts together in class.


Mar 162011


ECDL LogoThe European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the global standard in end-user computer skills certifications. ECDL consists of a set of IT qualification programmes ranging from entry level certifications such as EqualSkills to certifications aimed at intermediate and advanced computer users.

For more information, please visit ECDL Malta.

ECDL Notes and Exercises

More notes and exercises for the scholastic year 2011-2012 will be updated later on.

Form 2 –

Form 2 –  Extra Lesson and Diagnostic Test – Module 6

Forms 3, 4 and 5 – 

ECDL Exam Dates and Schedule

At the start of each scholastic year the girls are advised to bring 24Euro to pay for two Modules as soon as possible. All money should be placed in an envelope with their Name, Surname and Class.

Confirmed dates 

  • 23rd February 2013 – Form 3 Module 3 – Schedule
  • 2nd March 2013 – Form 5 Module 1 – Schedule
  • 16th March 2013 – Form 4 Module 5 – Schedule
  • 6th April 2013– Form 5 Module 7 – Schedule
  • 6th April 2013 – Form 2 Module 2 – Schedule
  • 1st June 2013 – Form 3 Module 4 – Schedule
  • 1st June 2013 – Form 4 Module 4 – Schedule
  • 20th July 2013 – Form 2 Module 6 – Schedule

Additional Details

In order to be able to open your diagnostic tests please read the following;


You have booked for an automated test and can take a Diagnostic Sample Test to assess your skills before the ECDL Exam.  This Diagnostic test will allow you to orient yourself with the Automated Test System.
To take your Diagnostic Sample Test; open the following link either in Internet Explorer or Firefox,

Run the following tests to ensure that your home computer is properly configured for you to take the Diagnostic Sample Test,

  • Basic Test
  • Network Test
  • Office Version you have installed on your home computer

Install any missing items as indicated or enable pop-ups as indicated. Ensure that when you run the tests until all tests read OK and appear in GREEN.

After successfully setting up your computer, you can login to the Automated Test System on


with your ECDL Skills Card number, starting with MT, and your password.  If this is the first time you are logging onto the Automated Test System the password is 123456.  CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD FOR IMPROVED SECURITY AND REMEMBER IT AS IT WILL BE REQUIRED FOR EVERY EXAM.  Please fill in any missing details in your account profile to ensure proper preparation before the ECDL Exam.

This procedure listed above is required only once before your first login.  You can run the Sample Diagnostic Tests to check your knowledge before the ECDL Exam.  Sample Diagnostic Tests include DIAG in their name.  

Good luck with your exam preparation!

Best regards and thanks,

Reuben Grech