Mar 062018

The year 4 Sunflowers made this craft related to all Saints’ day in November. November 1st is a special day called the feast of All Saints.  We chose our favourite saint and cut out a template of a door hanger. Then we decorated it neatly.  Saints are people who love Jesus and share his love with others. We can all live like saints even while we are on earth.

For the template of a door hanger you can google DLTK crafts for kids and make your own craft.
Year 4 Ms. Pauline
Feb 282018
Valletta Living History
The children really enjoyed the outing in Valletta where we explored the area of the Upper Barrakka Gardens as well as the monument of La Vallette.
The students then watched a beautiful documentary at the Embassy Cinema ‘Valletta Living History’ which made them realize what a true gem our capital city is and all the aspects related to its history.
At the end they were unexpectedly donated a pair of sunglasses by a very generous shop assistant in the complex.
It was a great day for all!!
Ms Lewis (Yr 4 Roses)
Feb 282018

Fieldwork – Year 4 

Year 4 Roses, as well as all the Year 4 students, participated fully in all tasks given as part of their FIELDWORK.

They all looked very professional with their organised folder! Well done to all the students!

Ms Lewis (Year 4 Roses)

Feb 282018

Carnival Event 2018


Once again, this year, both students and teachers came to school in their carnival costume.

Many students had time in class for various activities.

In Year 4 Roses, students had time to decorate their own Venetian Carnival Mask.

The students loved doing this beautiful craft.

It was such a great day for all!

Ms Lewis – Year 4 Roses

Feb 282018

Nature Board


As part of our DINJA WAĦDA projects, we have prepared our Nature Board for Term 2.


This is related to the importance of protecting our trees and all the plantations and insects that come to life in this habitat. In Malta, Birdlife has an ongoing project called Foresta 2000 whereby different people foster trees and forest wardens look after the area very passionately.

Here is an interesting link about it – Foresta 2000: Forest for the Future

Feb 142018
Integrating the skill of drawing symmetrical shapes through Art!
‘Symmetry’ is when both sides of a pattern or object are exactly the same.  
The students loved to learn about symmetry and the beauty of the different symmetrical shapes that we see around us every day. 
All the girls drew a symmetrical shape of their own choice and these were displayed in the classroom.
Ms Lewis (Year 4 Roses)
Dec 172017

Intervista ma’ membru tal-familja

Waqt l-ewwel term tas-sena t-tfal libsu ż-żarbun ta’ ġurnalista u għamlu intervista lil membru tal-familja tagħhom.

Huma waħħlu din l-intervista fuq ‘chart’ flimkien ma’ ritratt u dawn kienu esponutu fil-kuritur tal-iskola fejn seta’ jaqrahom kulħadd.

Din kienet esperjenza li t-tfal verament ħadu pjaċir jagħmlu.

Ms Lewis (Year 4 Roses)



Dec 112017

As part of our Year 5 curriculum, we went to Marsaxlokk to work out the fieldwork. This time the students got their LearnPads and filled in all the answers on it. They were very excited and they took photos related to the topic: is-Sajd u l-Akkwakultura.


Dec 092017

All Saints Activity (Year 4 Roses)

Students were asked to bring a picture of their favourite saint and together we decorated a hanging bookmark for the classroom. Children were shown a few short stories of different saints. They learnt that everybody can do their best to live a saintly life, be it a child or an adult. We can all pray for the intercession of saints when asking for a special grace!
Ms Lewis
Dec 092017


The students were very interested in the lesson related to volcanoes, particularly those of Mt Etna and Mt Vesuvius.
They were also fascinated with the vivid description and visual images of different volcanic eruptions.
They themselves made up their own labelled diagram using their own creative touches to create a colourful display of volcanoes in the classroom!
Yr 4 Roses (Ms Lewis)