May 042018

L-istudenti tal-klassi tagħna ħadu sehem fil-kompetizzjoni tat-tpinġija għat-tfal “Kompetizzjoni Lupu” organiżżata mill- Merlin Publishers fejn pinġejna lil Lupu Lupettu bil-kostum favorit tiegħu.  Bi pjaċir kbir ġejna mgħarfa li t-tpinġija ta’ Clarissa Vella Wong ġiet magħżula bħala waħda mir-rebbieħa. Fil-fatt Clarissa rebħet il-ktieb il-ġdid ta’ Lupu Lupettu jrid isir SuperEroj.  Brava Clarissa!


Year 4 Sunflowers

Apr 252018

Thanks to the work done with the Year 4 students by Ms. Chanel, our P.E teacher, Keziah Micallef was chosen to represent our school.  A total of 240 students from State Colleges, Church and Independent Schools in Malta and Gozo took part.

Keziah Micallef, Year 4 Sunflowers, represented our  school in the Standing Broad Jump.  The rest of the class attended the event and supported Keziah.  We all felt the importance of being part of a special community.

Coincidentally, Community is the goal we are working on this year. This was a great experience for all and Keziah achieved a very good result. Well done Keziah!

We are proud of you!

Year 4 Ms.Pauline

Apr 222018

The Year 5’s visited the Malta National Aquarium as a second session linked to the Social Studies topic of Fishing – the students we divided in groups and had alternating activities.  The staff guided them in a tour, demonstrating all the fish and how they take care of them whilst answering the students’ questions.  Apart from the tour, the students had an activity where they learnt important information about different species and how rubbish in the sea can effect the sea creatures.  It was very interesting.

Apr 182018

Aħna qegħdin nitgħallmu niktbu noti kif ukoll ittri bil-Malti.  Aħna tkellimna dwar id-differenzi li hemm bejn nota u ittra.  Ittra hija iżjed formali; ikollha l-indirizz u d-data u hija itwal waqt li nota tkun iqsar.  Aħna ktibna nota lil xulxin u imbagħad qrajniha lil xulxin.  Kemm hu sabiħ li niktbu bil- Malti.

Year 4 Ms Pauline

Apr 082018

During the last week, before the Easter holidays, the students were gathered in the school’s garden and together we went through, in detail, the most important parts of the Last Supper – the washing of feet, the Our Father, the Institution of the Eucharist, the most important Commandment and the New Covenant.  The students understood better the significance of this important supper and how we still celebrate it during mass.


Year 5 Sunflowers

Ms. Marija

Apr 082018

The students received a visit at school, in St. Madeleine Sophie’s Hall, by a representative from the Aqua-culture Team in Marsaxlokk.  The students were interested in the talk accompanied by a presentation and a video showing the whole process of growing fish in St. Lucjan Tower.  They were given time to ask questions too.  All this was related to the topic we do in Social Studies – Akkwakultura.


Year 5’s

Mar 192018
The year 4 s had a lenten retreat where they reflected upon the meaning of the sacrament of reconciliation.  After confession we celebrated mass together as a community.  We then meditated upon the 14 stations of the way of the cross. God’s love for us is truly infinite!