May 122019

The best way to learn is learning by doing.  What great fun it was to learn all the different colours through finger painting.  School is indeed fun and colourful !

Year 1 Bluebells

May 122019

During Lent, the year one students had ‘ Prayer Spaces’ and it was indeed a great experience for all!  The atmosphere created was perfect and the children enjoyed all of the stations.  They had the opportunity to feel Jesus in their hearts.

May 122019
The students had the opportunity to tour around a picturesque strawberry field in Dingli.  They met the farmer too and they could inhale fresh air as well as smell different herbs too and learn about their uses.   We then proceeded to the workshop where the girls made the traditional trifle by using fresh strawberries, delicious strawberry jam and custard.   They then proceeded to smoothie making with the help of the chef.  Everything was indeed delightful!
May 122019
The year one students attended a workshop of Masquerade where they had the opportunity to sing, act and dance to their favourite Disney songs of the classic ‘Annie.’
May 122019

 Christmas is magical and so was our Nativity Play “Pinocchio”.  It was also lovely to meet the Sisters of the Klarissi as well as the Sisters of our school at Tal-Virtu`. They were delighted to hear us sing to them with our sweet, angelic voices.

Dec 202016

Outing Term 1 – Be a chef for a day!

First activity – a colouring competition.

Preparing our pizza!

Can we start cooking please?

And so we begin…..hard at work!


Happy with our final result!


Time to eat!