Nov 192013

Year 1

How are we working to achieve our goal of Social Awareness?

In the first year of the children in this school, they primarily need to learn how to work and play with one another.  They need to learn how to interact in the right way, be it with adults or children.  We have had various discussions and read stories pertaining to this concept and ultimately set up our targets board.

In the close future we will be engaging in more practical activities to promote this concept.  Some of these activities include visiting the Poor Clares at Christmas time to entertain them with our singing and will also be asking the children to bring a small toiletry gift for them.  We have been filling our piggy banks with coins for the people in need people and the children have been asked to do something to earn this money and not to simply ask for money.  Soon we will be having our very own Christmas fair in which all proceeds go to various charities.  Christmas time is indeed a time of giving and it is never too early to start educating our children on this concept.  Our Christmas play has a strong focus on the theme of Social Awareness and we hope that whilst enjoying themselves in the preparation of this production, they will also absorb the message that we are trying to give.

Moving back to our Social Awareness targets, we will be giving out 4 certificates per class every month to the children that we feel have worked hard to achieve these targets.  We believe that children should feel proud when they receive their certificate and we have set up another board to record these achievements.

We look forward to a fun filled year ahead and remember that we believe that education is not based simply on the intellect but we believe in a holistic approach.


Year 1 Teachers.

May 102013


1. Clocks:

In Year 1 the children learn about the concept of TIME and they learn how to read the clock to the hour. As a follow up activity they coloured the clock’s face and wrote a short story about it.

2.Mother’s Day Cards:

Fun with colours and patterns give the children an opportunity to exhibit their Creativity.

3.Write a Story:
Discussing a picture helps increase the children’s vocabulary and expression. They are then given the opportunity to express their ideas in writing their own short stories.



4.World Book Day:

For the occasion of World Book Day which was celebrated in April, a display of different colourful pictures of books was put up in the classroom. These were coloured by the children. The aim was to promote reading habits among the children and to instil in them a love for books.


5.Reading / Drawing ( Chicken Licken)
Every week the children enjoy reading a nicely illustrated Story Book. As a follow up they draw a scene from the story.



May 082013

Love for Books: The  girls showed their love for books and reading, by colouring a picture of a book to celebrate World Book Day.


Reading Corner: The girls are reading a book in the reading corner of  the classroom.  They enjoy taking a book and reading alone or in pairs when they have finished their work.


Mother’s Day Card: The girls carefully coloured a card to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Underwater Scene: Free drawing in class:  The girls were asked to  draw a picture of any living thing found in the sea.  They then coloured it carefully.  This underwater scene is the result.

Feb 032013