Feb 012017

Year 3

The first term was jam-packed with various activities for our girls. We started off the year with the very important lesson of accepting each other as we are, with our different qualities, characteristics and features. We did this through the story of Elmer the Elephant, who taught us that we are all different and we all are special, no matter what we look like on the outside.

In October, we joined all three classes together and went to say the Rosary together in the Senior School gardens, in front of Our Lady. On this special day, the children were each given a small rosary bead.

We also had a fun outing at Buskett during October, where we learned a lot about leaves and trees. The children even planted their own seeds in a pot with the help of Mr Neville Ebejer, who took us around Buskett and taught us a lot about nature.

During November, the children got to play some traditional Maltese games, following the feast of San Martin, and let us not forget what a wonderful job the girls all did during their San Martin Assembly. It was an excellent performance!

During the month of December, we had two outings. We went to visit the cribs in Valletta, as well as the Malta Post Museum, where each girl got to personally post her letter to Santa Claus at this Museum. We learned a lot about the history of Maltapost, as well as had the opportunity to do some fun activities after. Our second outing during this month was at the cinema, where we watched Trolls.

Advent brought along many fun moments which I am sure all the girls will cherish, especially the Christmas party where Santa Claus came to visit.


Apr 112016

Ms Luana Ani – Year 3 Sunflowers – The 2nd Term

Our 2nd term was packed once again with fun and interesting activities. We started off with an outing to the Home-Economics Centre in January …… Continue reading here –> website term 2

Feb 212015

Well done to the following girls for their January certificates:


Hailey Camilleri – Excellence in Creative Writing

Megan Gouder – Generosity

Julieanne Schembri – Character

Jan 042015

Catch-the-drop Campaign (Year 3s)

The girls watched a show by the Catch-the-Drop Campaign where they were taught the importance of not wasting water, as well as the steps of the water-cycle. This was done by two entertaining characters….a pirate and Spongebob Squarepants.

Jan 042015

Circle Time (Year 3 Sunflowers)


The girls had the opportunity to experience a special kind of ‘circle time’ within a small group during the first term. This was done by having a story-telling session and then discussing the important lesson in the book ‘Ruby the Copycat’. The girls had a great time doing this, especially since they all got their favourite cushion to school as we sat in a circle on a sunny afternoon in the Year 1 playground.

Jan 042015

Philharmonic Orchestra (Year 3s)


All the Year 3s attended a fabulous mini-concert given by the Philharmonic Orchestra called ‘The Toy Symphony’, were they could see an excellent mixture of Drama and Music.

Jan 042015

December Certificates (Year 3 Sunflowers)


Congratulations to the following girls who were awarded certificates for the month of December.


Hailey Camilleri – Creative Writing

Megan Gouder – Generosity

Julieanne Schembri – Character