Apr 252018

Thanks to the work done with the Year 4 students by Ms. Chanel, our P.E teacher, Keziah Micallef was chosen to represent our school.  A total of 240 students from State Colleges, Church and Independent Schools in Malta and Gozo took part.

Keziah Micallef, Year 4 Sunflowers, represented our  school in the Standing Broad Jump.  The rest of the class attended the event and supported Keziah.  We all felt the importance of being part of a special community.

Coincidentally, Community is the goal we are working on this year. This was a great experience for all and Keziah achieved a very good result. Well done Keziah!

We are proud of you!

Year 4 Ms.Pauline

Apr 182018

Aħna qegħdin nitgħallmu niktbu noti kif ukoll ittri bil-Malti.  Aħna tkellimna dwar id-differenzi li hemm bejn nota u ittra.  Ittra hija iżjed formali; ikollha l-indirizz u d-data u hija itwal waqt li nota tkun iqsar.  Aħna ktibna nota lil xulxin u imbagħad qrajniha lil xulxin.  Kemm hu sabiħ li niktbu bil- Malti.

Year 4 Ms Pauline

Mar 192018
The year 4 s had a lenten retreat where they reflected upon the meaning of the sacrament of reconciliation.  After confession we celebrated mass together as a community.  We then meditated upon the 14 stations of the way of the cross. God’s love for us is truly infinite!
Mar 142018

In year 4 we are learning how to write a letter. We were paired up and wrote a letter to our respective friend. We wrote our address, the date and all about how we spent our day. We then put all the letters in a bag and Postman Tatiana came to class to deliver the letters. How excited we all were to receive a letter and read it!  Our letters were then displayed in class.

Let’s get writing!
Mar 062018

In Term 1 the year 4 Sunflowers learnt about Mixing Solids and Liquids together during our Science lessons.  We tried this out in class ourselves by mixing cocoa powder and water.  We found out that the powder disappears and it turns into a brown liquid.  We worked in pairs and while a student was making the experiment, the other was taking photos of the different steps, using the Animator app. This created a movie.  This was also a follow up lesson to our English lesson about Writing Instructions.  We had previously learnt how to make a sandwich and we tried this out in class too.  Learning is fun when we do things ourselves!

Year 4 Ms. Pauline
Mar 062018

The year 4 Sunflowers made this craft related to all Saints’ day in November. November 1st is a special day called the feast of All Saints.  We chose our favourite saint and cut out a template of a door hanger. Then we decorated it neatly.  Saints are people who love Jesus and share his love with others. We can all live like saints even while we are on earth.

For the template of a door hanger you can google DLTK crafts for kids and make your own craft.
Year 4 Ms. Pauline
Feb 282018
Valletta Living History
The children really enjoyed the outing in Valletta where we explored the area of the Upper Barrakka Gardens as well as the monument of La Vallette.
The students then watched a beautiful documentary at the Embassy Cinema ‘Valletta Living History’ which made them realize what a true gem our capital city is and all the aspects related to its history.
At the end they were unexpectedly donated a pair of sunglasses by a very generous shop assistant in the complex.
It was a great day for all!!
Ms Lewis (Yr 4 Roses)