Mar 292017

The year fours had a meaningful Lent retreat. At the start of the retreat, the girls received the sacrament of reconciliation by Fr. John and also had the opportunity to work on a booklet about the 14 stations of the cross. We then reflected upon the 14 stations and lit a candle for each station. We concluded the retreat with the celebration of mass.  Thanks to this retreat we felt closer to Jesus and welcomed Him in our heart.

Ms Azzopardi

Mar 132017

Doll house and lion roar done by year 4 students with Ms Sarah.



Mar 122017

Year 4  girls doing crafts during the mid-day break activities.

Mar 022017
Paper Cut Hearts in the corridor
On Valentine’s Day every girl decorated her own paper cut heart and spread the love in the Year 4 corridor <3
Year 4 Roses (Ms Lewis)
Mar 022017
Carnival Event 2017
This was the second year where both students and teachers came to school in their carnival costume.
Year 4 Roses students also had time to decorate their own Venetian Carnival Mask.
The students loved doing this beautiful craft. It was such a great day for all!
Ms Lewis – Year 4 Roses
Feb 152017

Year 4 students doing carnival masks during mid day activities.

Feb 152017
Social Awareness Art Works
All the Year 4 students participated in an Art Competition organised by the Network Team. They used their creativeness to create art works with the use of sweet wrappers. They are now displayed beautifully in the Year 4 corridors. Big well done!
Ms Lewis (Year 4 Roses)
Feb 042017
Year 4 students LearnPads Kick Off!
At the start of Term 2 all the Year 4 students began using their LearnPads and were introduced to different Apps such as Author & Animator. The LearnPads are used as an extra learning resource throughout the scholastic year and will continue to be used during Year 5 and Year 6. Students really enjoy using their LearnPads and will surely become more familiar with the different educational tools and apps available to them in due course.
Year 4 Roses (Ms Lewis)