Year 4 students doing carnival masks during mid day activities.

Social Awareness Art Works
All the Year 4 students participated in an Art Competition organised by the Network Team. They used their creativeness to create art works with the use of sweet wrappers. They are now displayed beautifully in the Year 4 corridors. Big well done!
Ms Lewis (Year 4 Roses)

Ms Isabelle’s class year 4 students. Mid day activities with Ms Sarah.

Year 4 students LearnPads Kick Off!
At the start of Term 2 all the Year 4 students began using their LearnPads and were introduced to different Apps such as Author & Animator. The LearnPads are used as an extra learning resource throughout the scholastic year and will continue to be used during Year 5 and Year 6. Students really enjoy using their LearnPads and will surely become more familiar with the different educational tools and apps available to them in due course.
Year 4 Roses (Ms Lewis)

In Year 4 we are learning how to write instructions to make a simple recipe.  So on a cold wintry day we made our own warm drink in class and then enjoyed it together.  We then wrote the instructions step by step.  As a follow up activity we took photos of the things we used  and typed the instructions using our Learnpad. Who said school is boring?

Ms.Pauline year 4

Fieldwork – Year 4 

FIELDWORK will make up  20% of the Social Studies Half Yearly Test mark. Part of this project was to be carried out around the school premises.

Year 4 Roses, as well as all the Year 4 students, participated fully and took the set questions very seriously. Although this was a task on which they needed to focus well, the students thoroughly enjoyed it. They all looked very professional with their organised folder. Passers by were intrigued by what notes they may have been jotting down!!

Well done to all the Year 4 students!

Ms Lewis

New penfriends from Italy (Year 4 Roses)

Some students from Year 4 Roses had the opportunity to communicate in English with a new penfriend from Rome, Italy. The first 7 students chosen were very excited about this new experience which is both fun and educational. May this be a newly found friendship that will last for many years!

Ms Lewis
Leah Grech penfriend of LISA
Christy Bugeja penfriend of FLAVIA
Enya Sammut penfriend of EMANUELA
Kaylee Muscat penfriend of MAIA
Nicole Busuttil Naudi penfriend of CAMILLA
Gaia Gambuzza penfriend of DAVIDE
Giulia Pace penfriend of DANIELE
Fun and educational outing!!
Year 4 Roses together with other Year 3 & Year 4 classes had the opportunity to view two great museums in Valletta – the cribs museum just beneath St Francis of Assisi Church as well as the new fantastic Maltapost museum at Archbishop Street. Both visits were so interesting from an artistic, cultural and historical point of view. Students are encouraged to re-visit these places with their families and relive this experience again with their loved ones. On our return to school, the children were welcomed by ‘Muffin Day’ which they enjoyed thoroughly! All in all, it was another memorable school day!
Ms Lewis (Yr 4 Roses)

The year fours had the opportunity to visit Malta’s National Interactive Science Centre – Esplora.  They had a hands-on experience in an engaging learning environment.  The girls then attended the science show “Sounds Amazing” which gave them further insight into the fascinating world of science.



Let’s go GREEN!!!


Like every year, the school will be having the EkoSkola committee to come up with great innovative ideas to make our school the best eco-friendly atmosphere possible. Each class has different candidates who are willing to form part of this passionate team. The committee will consist of a representative from each class but there is no doubt that all the candidates will be able to assist in one way or another. Every candidate prepared a class presentation related to EKOSKOLA. I was so impressed by the dedication and passion shown by each and every candidate. Big well done!


Ms Lewis


The candidates in Year 4 Roses were:


Ella Azzopardi

Christy Bugeja

Nicole Busuttil Naudi

Leah Grech

Giulia Pace

Amy Vella


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