Dec 112017

As part of our Year 5 curriculum, we went to Marsaxlokk to work out the fieldwork. This time the students got their LearnPads and filled in all the answers on it. They were very excited and they took photos related to the topic: is-Sajd u l-Akkwakultura.


Nov 262017

This year’s first outing was a visit to the Toy Museum in Valletta.  It is a 3-floor house full of old traditional Maltese toys some of which are 50 to 100 years old.  The students were amazed to see that these toys still work nowadays.  This outing is linked to the Social Studies Unit – Nilagħbu.

Ms Marija

Nov 222017

The Year 5 students of the Junior School remind us of the important journey St Philippine Duchesne made 200 years ago to reach America. Her journey was long and difficult however her determination and qualities of courage and love of prayer teach us so much!

Apr 252017
In preparation for Easter, the Year 5s decided to meet up in St. Paul’s Hall and prepare an Easter Craft.  With the help of Ms. Sarah the students built up an egg-flower card.
Ms Marija Year 5
Feb 242017
L-istudenti kellhom l-opportunita jiltaqgħu ma’ sajjied u jistaqsuh dak kollu li riedu huma.  Ippreparaw ċertu mistoqsijiet u għamilna attivita’ flimkien relatata mas-sajd.  L-istudenti tgħallmu ukoll informazzjoni utli dwar l-apparat li jużaw is-sajjieda.
Year 5s
Nov 042016

Year 5’s first outing for this scholastic year was a treasure hunt at San Anton Gardens and a visit at the exhibition of Traditions Malta.

Students had fun whilst discovering new traditional works and historic facts.

Ms. Marija Ms. Amanda and Mr. Chircop.

Apr 052016

In preparation for the great feast of the Church, Easter, as a class we participated in an activity which explains better the meaning of the last supper and of Mass. I prepared the setting, held at the school’s yard, and the students got all the props. Step by step I explained each symbol and the meaning of it. The students really enjoyed it  because they went back in time and they now know the significance of Mass and of Easter celebrations.

“I liked most when we shared the bread together as a family” – Angelica

“Ms.Marija washed our feet as Jesus did to show that there is no master and no servant,we are all equal.” – Mattea

Feb 282016

Our last outing was a visit to the Torri San Lucjan limits of Marsaxlokk. The students familiarised themselves with aquaculture and the whole process from hatching fish’s eggs until the fish are put into fishfarms or are exported abroad. The students really enjoyed the outing and were so curious whilst they asked a lot of questions.

Year 5 Ms.Marija, Ms.Amanda and Mr.Chircop

Feb 112016

Year 5 students invited a fisherman to school because they had a set of questions to ask him.  In fact this was one of their Social Studies task – an interview with a fisherman.
Students listened very carefully to what he had to say,especially when he told them his story at sea. He got a lot of equipment too, and he explained to them how it is used. Students were given a handout provided by him showing different kinds of fish and a catching method which was demonstrated live by him.
The talk was very interesting and students were eagerly asking questions.


Ms.Marija, Ms.Amanda and Mr.Chircop

Jan 012016

As a Christmas craft we decided to make a snowman out of a sock. Students really enjoyed this activity and each one of them made her particular snowman.

Year 5s
Ms Marija