Apr 072019

Here-under photos of the volleyball tournament attended by our Yr 6s.  These girls attend volleyball during break time and went to Cottonera Sports Complex with their trainer Ms Tiziana Bonnici and Ms Rachel Camilleri accompanied them. 

Oct 222017

Year 6 teachers and students present their Assembly for the feast of Mater Admirabilis

Jun 032015

We went to the New Parliament and The Malta Experience.  Then we went to have a pizza at Tal Kaptan.

Year 6 teachers

Jan 232015

To get the children into the Christmas spirit, the teachers thought of organising a cooking lesson in class. The children’s desks were used as a working space whereby the children made their own Christmas logs. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

Jan 052015


The students worked in groups to promote healthy eating by making charts, after the science lessons on the food pyramid and a healthy balanced diet.


Year 6 Ms Samaria


Jan 042015

Basketball Festival

Year 5 and year 6 students participated in the Primary Schools Basketball Festival. The festival, organised by the Sports Promotion Unit, focused on the ABC skills of the game, which are Agility, Balance and Co-ordination.

The girls enjoyed themselves thoroughly, had excellent behavior and actively participated in this festival.  The girls were prepared to take part in the festival by Ms Kylie Poppe our PE teacher.

Dec 042014

December outing (Year 3s, 4s and 6s)


All the students of Year 3, 4 & 6 had the opportunity to attend a wonderful performance by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra with the presentation of ‘The Toy Symphony’ at Robert Sammut Hall in Floriana. All the children participated fully and loved every minute of it! Some girls headed to the Upper Barrakka Gardens after which they visited ‘The Nativity Museum’ in Valletta which was indeed a great way to kick-start the month of December with various artistic exhibits of the nativity story.

Nov 242014

The Beauty of A Young, Talented Character…

Maria Mizzi is a talented 11 year old student, who enjoys expressing herself through Art.

Maria says that reading and spelling can be a challenge, but that with the support of her parents, teachers and LSA’s, and by learning many self help skills, she is able to overcome her obstacles.

Even though Dyslexia can be frustrating in class, she says that thanks to her Dyslexia she can see things differently; She uses her creative part of the brain to help her with her art work.