Dec 122013
Nov 192013

The photos of the handouts on this year’s goal:

This year’s goal is the goal of Social Awareness. The children in year 6 were asked to think of ways how they can be socially aware and put this into practice in their everyday life.


The charts on healthy eating:

The students in year 6 Roses learnt all about the importance of a healthy diet during their science lessons. In groups they came up with very interesting information and tips on how we can lead a healthy life.


The board of the handprints:

The year 6’s understand the importance of team work and helping each other out.

Feb 032013
Feb 032013

Photos from a meeting for Year 5 and Year 6 students with author  Mr Andrew Cope who was invited to school to speak about his books.

Oct 262012

The Hand Print: ‘Together – yes we can’ was done for the Goal of Community, where the children understood better that with the help and support of everyone, things can be done even if they seem difficult at first.

The handout on the Goal of Community : The children had to write down a few points on how to be better persons within a community.

Mar 202012
Sep 132011



A Greener World

– by Rebecca Muscat

My Stabilo Experience

Our School has been focusing a lot on helping the environment, discussing global warming and other environmental issues. One day, during art, Ms. Alison told all the students about a drawing competition organized by Stabilo. The theme of the competition was the environment and ways of how we can look after it.  The project was called ‘A Greener World’.

I took part in the Stabilo green drawing competition, along with many of my friends from the whole school. We all drew pictures giving our ideas and visions of a greener world. My drawing was chosen as the winner from my school. J

A prize-giving event, where Trevor Zahra awarded the prizes to the winners was held on Saturday 5th February 2011 at the Coastline Hotel. Trevor Zahra awarded the token prizes consisting of a STABILO GREEN pack to the winners of every school.

I was not the only girl to win a prize. There were the winning children from other different schools inMaltaand Gozo. At the event there were various slideshows about the Stabilo products and how they are made. One of the slideshows was about how paper is produced. This made me very conscious not to waste paper. After the slideshows Trevor Zahra made a short speech, and then he gave out the prizes. We each got a lovely file with Stabilo’s new items.

The prize consisted of a packet of 24 green colours, a 12 pack of chunky colours, a pencil and a certificate.  I was very happy when I got my prize. However, I was even happier when I found out that Ms .Cremona came to see me.  It was a special day which I will never forget!!!

Rebecca Muscat

Year 6 (Ms. Attard)