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This is a board that we worked on during Religion.  We are working a lot on issues of prejudice and fairness…very much linked to the Goal of Community. 


The Hand Print: ‘Together – yes we can’ was done for the Goal of Community, where the children understood better that with the help and support of everyone, things can be done even if they seem difficult at first.

The handout on the Goal of Community : The children had to write down a few points on how to be better persons within a community.



Year 5 students had to prepare a collage using different materials to represent the Goal of this year – the Goal of Community.They came up with a variety of works which are now hung up on the boards in our corridor.

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Ms Marija Year 5 Sunflowers


The Goal of Community: 2012 – 2013

Click here to read about and view photo of the first Assembly for the new scholastic year – assembly 1

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