Dec 052013

Our School Receives The Dinja Wahda Gold Award

Two girls, Nicole Portelli and Nicole Grech were very lucky to be the ones to receive the Dinja Wahda Gold Award on Wednesday 4th December 2013. This came after last year’s hard work.

About 18 girls joined the Dinja Wahda club last year and throughout the year participated in various activities. These activities were shared with their friends who in turn did as well. In this way, Dinja Wahda activities were owned by the whole school. Each activity carried points and for us to earn the Gold Award we needed 1200 points. Through the activities carried out last year, the school earned round about 1350 points so….. that meant a Gold for us.

Well done girls and well done Ms.Claire Ciantar! You helped us through to achieve this.

Felicienne Fenech Caruana

Assistant Head

Apr 242013


During this second term, the Dinja Wahda Mid-day break activity group was bursting with activities.  As you may see in the photos we finished our notice board.  Here is how it looked at the beginning of the second term.  Since then, we’ve changed the view, added more observations and news updates!  Have a peak at our very own ‘Nature Planet’ on your way to the playground next time you pass by!

We’re continuously adding observations for the activity Bird Days.  As Nature settles into spring, some birds are migrating back to their countries as Malta’s tempratures rise!  Watch some Year 4 members discussing their work and bird migration (see photos)  Speaking of bird migration, we had the honour, this term, of presenting our very own play about this theme to none other than his excellency… the President of Malta, Hon. George Abela during his visit in March.  We also got to have a private talk with him afterwards where we presented him with a signed copy of the script.  Check out the photos of this special occasion!

During March,  we launched two campaigns: Join the Club – where we had a good number of students subscribing to the Huttafa magazine and who also became members of Klabb Huttaf, and Foster a Forest.  The school has also subscribed for the first time and a special section with Il-Huttafa magazines will soon be set up in the library.

A big thanks goes to all of you…yes YOU for donating tens of cents for a great cause.  As a school we’ve collected 240 euro towards the fostering of a good number of square metres of Foresta 2000.  All classes contributed generously, however Ms Sue’s Year 3 class and Mr Chircop’s Year 5 class deserved a special token for collecting more than the rest of the classes.  A special thank you also goes to Leah Borg Millo and Emma Marie Bugeja (both from Year 4 Bluebells) for filling up one form each.

Last but not least, our school has participated in the Walk for Nature – a 10km walk from the Roman Villa in Rabat to Xemxija.  Many participated enthusiastically.  Read the press release by Bird Life and note our Dinja Wahda Rangers in action!  We have collected 168 euro! Well done girls!

Just this week we received the results for the Dear Minister competition.  Everybody played their part in writing inspiring letters.  The best 3 from around 90 entries were chosen and sent to Bird Life and guess what …our school won!  The hearing will be held on Wednesday 8th May.  We will announce the winners and the girls representing our school shortly!  A special certificate was awarded to Year 4 Roses and Year 4 Sunflowers for participating so enthusiastically! Keep it up!

Upcoming activities:

Thursday 25th April – Audit at Le Meridien, St Julians


Activity 27 – I Promise

Watch this space for more updates from Dinja Wahda!

Ms Claire Ciantar



See a Power Point Presentation on —> Dinja Wahda Walk for Nature

See a Power Point Presentation on the Dear Minister —> awards

Watch the Chameleon change colour by clicking here –> Chameleon

Jan 072013


The first meetings of the Dinja Wahda Mid-day break activity are over and so far we:

– have started setting up the Dinja Wahda Notice Board.  The title of the notice board was discussed amongst the students and we voted for the best one.  For the boarder, all the activity participants got pictures which had to do with nature.

– are working on stained glass ‘Dinja Wahda’ logos.  The painstaking process was eased up by our Form 4 volunteers who helped us by cutting out the windows so we can stick the green, blue and yellow tissue paper.

– have discussed bird migration in detail as part of the Bird Days activity (check out the factsheet attached —> Dinja wahda Activity 4 factsheet).  The photos show us discussing in groups the comic strip related to this interesting activity.  Some students have already observed and filled in the Bird Days Calendar which can be found on the Dinja Wahda Notice Board.
The birds we’re noting are the Robin ‘Pitirross’, Sparrow ‘Tal-Bejt’ and the Wagtail ‘Zakak‘.
We will be updating this space and the notice board soon with upcoming activities including the membership of Klabb Huttaf and celebrating Arbor Day!
Watch this space!

For more information on Dinja Wahda visit

Claire Ciantar
Dinja Wahda Mid-Day Break Activity Coordinator