Jan 052015

The girls proudly showing the artistic creations made during mid day break activities with Sr Rena.


Dec 122013
Dec 062013

Thursday 5th December 2013 ; Year 2 pupils in Ms Ciscaldi’s class prepared a Christmas Card during Mid Day break. Ms Melanie ( LSA ) handed out pink cards with a small ribbon and some glitter for which the girls chose a Christmas sticker. They were then asked to draw something related to Christmas, and to address the card to whoever their heart desired. They were then given a small red shiny star to glue anywhere they wished on or inside the card.

As one can see in the photos, the girls were happy to show off their cards at the end of the session.

Nov 292013

During a rainy Mid Day break, after eating their lunch, Year 2 Pupils in Ms Ciscaldi’s class spent some time colouring and finishing off a Christmas Craft. A short story called ‘Different kinds of Angels’ was read out to the girls, and then they worked on colouring their angel; also decorating its wings with cotton wool and added a sparkle to the heart. At the end of the activity a sticker was given out for a job well done.

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Nov 292013

During the mid day break, after the pupils ate their lunch and before they went outside to play, students of Year 2 (Ms Ciscaldi)  together with Ms Melanie, had a short activity related to emotions. We discussed Happiness; how we can make others happy, by helping them with their class work, not fighting, sharing a piece of our sandwich or fruit if someone has dropped or forgotten theirs etc.


After the discussion, the girls drew something related to that emotion and at the end a sticker was given.The students were excited to share what makes them happy, and to also express their views.


The aim of the activity was to develop an understanding of different emotions, and to instill empathy in young children.


Melanie Charles

May 122013

Award Winners:


Theresa Grima (Year 4 Roses) –                             Leah Borg Millo (Year 4 Bluebells)

Second in her category.                                             First in her category


The Great Spring Horticultural Show

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Veggie Farm

I participated in a competition at the Festival of Flowers, Plants, Fruit, Vegetables and Crafts that was held on the 4th & 5th May 2013 at San Anton Gardens, Attard. It was my first time that I took part in this competition for which I created a VEGGIE FARM.

The farm was built of carton and I put hail around the farm. Also on the side there was a Wind Mill made of carton paper with seeds. In the farm I had a cow, a sheep, a hedgehog, a ladybird, a horse and a chick and on the top there was the Farmer who was watching his animals. All the animals and the farmer were made of fresh vegetables (potato, tomato, carrot, beans, aubergine, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli).

The judges were impressed with my farm. I won the first place.
I really had fun creating the farm and I plan to participate again next year. Hope that my friends will take part too.
Leah Borg Millo
Year 4 Blue bells
08th May 2013


Spring Show Competition Winner

Theresa Grima in Year 4 won second prize in her category for a poster in the Spring Show Competition.

Well Done Theresa.


Apr 222013

Mid-Day Break Activity 

The Gardening group students, together with Mrs Gatt, tutor for the group, and a guest helper working for the Spring Show Competition to be held on the 4th and 5th of May at San Anton Gardens.