Dec 042014

DUN MIKIEL XERRI (Year 4 classes)


This year we are celebrating the Goal of Character. The CHARACTER that has been chosen for the Year 4 children is DUN MIKIEL XERRI. He is famous for his qualities of courage, determination, leadership and above all heroic! The children have been learning about this personality in great detail. As part of this project, each student has made a presentation to display on a board dedicated to this unique person who loved our country till his last breath when he shouted ‘VIVA MALTA!’ just a few moments before he was killed.


Year 4 teachers (Ms Pauline, Ms Lewis, Ms Isabelle)


Nov 042014

Last week we showed these video clips to all year 1 – 6 students. They are part of our action plan for this year’s goal of Character. Each year level had to choose a clip and discuss it with their students in order to learn from the character of these people. On Thursday all the school met in St. Paul’s Hall to watch the clips chosen for year 1 – 3 students. On Friday all the school met in St. Paul’s Hall to watch the clips chosen for the year 4 –  6 students.

You can watch the videos by clicking on the link here under:

Yr 1 – Sharing – Little Mandy Manners sings a fun song for children to learn how to share!

Yr 2 – Pinocchio

Yr 3 – Click on these links: and

Yr 4 – Click on this link: Dun-Mikiel-Xerri

Yr 5 – MLK- The King and His Dream

Yr 6 – St. Maximilian Kolbe, a saint who gave his life to save a parent