Apr 132016

The Role of the Guidance Teacher

The role of the Guidance Teacher is to help students deal with personal problems and make responsible decisions about the course that their lives should take.  This assistance is given both in terms of the choice of a career and the student’s attitude towards life in general.

The Guidance Teacher also has the role to consult and coordinate with all school staff but especially with the form teachers who know their students well and with the PSCD teachers.

If the need arises the Guidance Teacher also refers students to other specialists and agencies according to their needs.

The Guidance Teacher is involved in various activities some of which are the following:-

  • Coordination of extra-curricular or career related activities:

    • Leadership Courses for Prefects, Sub-Prefects and Members of the Student Council.

    • Careers Orientation Visits

    • Seminars, Talks and Activities for students and parents on Subject choices, Post-Secondary Courses and Career Opportunities

    • Day Seminars for every Form on a variety of topics such as

      • Growing up

      • Internet Safety

      • Bullying

      • Substance Abuse

      • Personal Care

      • Relationships

      • Healthy Eating

      • Study Skills

      • Gender Issues


  • Meeting individual or small groups of students on:

    • Study Skills

    • Careers

    • Subject Choices/Options

    • A smooth transition from Junior School to Senior School.

    • Other reasons including personal and social issues

 Make use of these services to help you in your personal development by asking for an appointment with one of the guidance teachers available at our school.

The Counsellor

The School Counsellor gives professional help to students who need advice on educational, vocational, personal and social issues that require special individual attention.

Some interventions might include other persons such as classmates, members of staff or family members.

Issues discussed in Counselling

Anxiety, Bullying, Problems with friends/partners, Relationships, Family problems, Learning difficulties, Depression/ sadness, Making choices, Parents’ separation, Mental health and personal wellbeing, Illnesses, Disabilities,  Abuse, Stress, Low self-esteem, Identity issues, Eating disorders, Bereavement…

The Counsellor and the Guidance Teachers are bound by confidentiality, that is, they must keep things secret unless there is “serious risk of harm to self or to others”.