Nov 252017

As part of our Action Plan, the year 4 s focused on the life of St. Phippine Dushescne.  The children researched about her life and reflected upon on how they can be more like her.  They presented their research and reflections on charts which were then displayed on our boards in the corridor for all to admire.  St. Philippine is indeed an inspiration for all.  She was a woman of courage,  prayer and action.

Ms Pauline


Nov 252017

Students of the Sacred Heart Junior School will be participating in various ‘Dinja Waħda’ Activities this year. Year 4 students have started with their first activity last week – the ‘I PROMISE CARD’.
Students were shown videos and given a thorough explanation on the beauty and speciality of chameleons and why we should always let them free. It is illegal to capture them, keep them as pets and even moreso, kill them.
Each student made a promise to protect this special species and their cards were hung beautifully on our new NATURE BOARD!!!