May 202018

We are learning about Circuits and Electricity in year 4. Chanel Bezzina Thompson built her own circuit together with her grandfather’s help and she demonstrated to us how a circuit works. Well done to our little scientist. Science in action!

May 202018

Lupu Lupettu Competition

Miriam Gugliotta was one of the winners of a competition organised by Merlin Library, where she drew Lupu Lupettu in his super hero costume! She was awarded with a copy of the latest publication ‘Lupu Lupettu jrid isir Super Eroj’. Big well done!!


Year 4 Roses


Ms Lewis

May 162018

Fanfare Outing

Amy Magri and Hailey Pace participating on stage during the Fanfare Outing at St Agatha Auditorium Rabat.

Year 4 Roses (Ms Lewis)

May 082018

During book week the year 4 Sunflowers designed their own book cover. We integrated English and Art together and learnt about what needs to be included on the cover of the book. We spoke about the fonts used, the author, the publisher’s logo and the colour scheme used.

Ms Pauline Cilia

May 082018

Field Day Memory Pics – Yr 4 Roses


Just after games were over, the girls were very happy and satisfied with their participation in Field Day. Thank you Ms Chanel for all the hard work to make it a successful day!


Ms Lewis

May 042018

L-istudenti tal-klassi tagħna ħadu sehem fil-kompetizzjoni tat-tpinġija għat-tfal “Kompetizzjoni Lupu” organiżżata mill- Merlin Publishers fejn pinġejna lil Lupu Lupettu bil-kostum favorit tiegħu.  Bi pjaċir kbir ġejna mgħarfa li t-tpinġija ta’ Clarissa Vella Wong ġiet magħżula bħala waħda mir-rebbieħa. Fil-fatt Clarissa rebħet il-ktieb il-ġdid ta’ Lupu Lupettu jrid isir SuperEroj.  Brava Clarissa!


Year 4 Sunflowers