Nov 182013


Sacred Heart Avenue, St. Julian’s STJ 1432

Press Release from the Convent of the Sacred Heart School Foundation

 ‘He is my eyes.’

The Convent of the Sacred Heart School Foundation Junior School saw the beginning of this scholastic year with a very good introduction related to this year’s goal of Social Awareness.


Friday 4th October 2013 was a day which none of the girls will forget. Being the feast of St. Francis, and also keeping in mind the goal for this year- Social Awareness, the school hosted Mr.and Ms. Cristiano, together with Glen, the guide dog for Mr.Cristiano.


During this special assembly, Natalino Cristiano recounted how he lost his eyesight and explained to the girls how Glen was given to him. Mr. Cristiano explained that it is very expensive to train such dogs and that the Malta Guide Association receives funding from the Knights of Malta ( SMOM ).

Mr. Cristiano then added:


‘ and from then on, he never left me for one second. HE IS MY EYES!’


Children, teachers, LSA’s and staff, all followed the moving story and could appreciate Glen’s devotion to his master and how he followed every step he made. Mr. Cristiano, stressed the importance of everyone being aware of other people’s needs:


‘Please, always keep your pet on a leash, never leave rubbish bags in the middle of the pavement and always remind your parents to park where they should. In this way you will be helping me and Glen to move around safely.’


The girls asked so many questions and Mr.Cristiano patiently went into more detail to answer all their questions. During this assembly girls from Year 4 took photographs and as a follow up, girls from Year 5 and 6 will be preparing write ups which will be uploaded in the school twin space as part of the school’s Comenius and etwinning projects.


Thank you Mr.and Ms.Cristiano and well done Glen!  We all look forward to seeing you again in our school in the near future.


Ms.Felicienne Fenech Caruana

Assistant Head

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