Jan 172014

Year 4 – Social Awareness Initiative

For this year’s Goal of SOCIAL AWARENESS, we are reminded of Sophie Barat’s inspirational words, “Be humble, be simple and bring joy to others.”

Through Social Awareness we acquire values, which emphasize ‘ Love’, ‘ Compassion’, ‘ Forgiveness’ and ‘Responsibility’.

For this year’s goal, each year level has chosen to create social awareness within our community. In YEAR 4 we are focusing on a person who has worked so hard to create a better SOCIETY – Monsignor Victor Grech, director of CARITAS.

Year 4 students will also take part in an initiative to collect funds and help raise money for Caritas. Every little helps and we can all do our part!

Here is a link that will help us appreciate Mons Victor Grech’s contribution to our society.

Click here to view –> MVG PDF

One of our initiatives this year was to focus on somebody who contributed so much to our society. In Year 4, we got to know so much about Dun Victor Grech who is mostly renowned for his sterling contribution to people in need, as the director of Caritas for countless years. We made research and prepared material. We worked in groups and enjoyed this team work activity. The final material is now beautifully displayed in our Year 4 corridor for all to enjoy.


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