Jun 132014

Walk the Talk Activity


In preparation for this activity, together the girls and Ms. Giselle discussed at length various aspects of the wildlife we find here in Malta and what we can do and what can be done better to protect it. We believe that if everyone gives a helping hand and is responsible for his actions we can all have a better environment to live in. The group talked about the endangered wildlife species (both fauna and flora) that are found in Malta and what is being done to protect them and how in spite of all this, they are being slowly extinct. As a follow up to bird migration activity the girls spoke once again about illegal hunting and how this is becoming very common in our daily newspapers. The group then discussed what can be done and the girls came up with various ideas on how to protect our wildlife environment. One most important factor is to increase awareness of our wildlife through education. Education is the main key to protect our environment. By increasing awareness starting from schools, about for example our endangered species, about bird migration and illegal hunting, about our flora and how to preserve habitats then exposure to this information will surely benefit us all now and in the near future. Other ideas that were put forward were the use of more wildlife signs in the case of hedgehogs, the use of leaflets and billboards to promote education for the older age groups, to introduce more wildlife wardens to teach abusers to respect our environment, to preserve natural habitats by asking MEPA to protect more green areas.


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