Jan 272015

During the first few activities of this year, we built together our Dinja Wahda noticeboard where we shall be posting information for all the students about the flora and fauna we find here in Malta. One lesson was specifically dedicated to robins and apart from learning about them the students enjoyed making mobile robins and pompom robins.

We also spoke about the importance of trees in our environment and how they are of benefit not only to us but as well to our wildlife. We made one moneybox for each class out of recycled carton box so that the whole school can financially help Foresta 2000 in planting new trees.

The Dinja Wahda group also learnt about hedgehogs and how they are being endangered. The girls made a promise in the form of a card and also a car pendant to advise drivers to slow down in the countryside so that they could see if there are any hedgehogs crossing the road.

MsĀ Giselle Camilleriā€™

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