Mar 302015

Dinja Wahda Activity Term 2.

During this second term, the girls completed quite a few activities. We learnt more about some of the wildflowers that grow here in Malta. This activity was carried out in a form of competition between the girls. The first group who finds all the facts about a particular wildflower wins the game. We had the opportunity to go around the school’s garden to spot some of the wildflowers we had spoken about.

Another activity which was thoroughly enjoyed by the girls was the butterfly game. In class they coloured four types of butterflies we find here in Malta and then played a game to see which butterfly manages to gain the most number of points by finding food for its survival.

We also discussed together the importance of rubble walls that are found around Malta. Not only do they serve to prevent soil erosion, but they are also the habitat of thousands of wildlife creatures. With some magazine sheets, the girls made a wonderful collage of a rubble wall and as well stuck some pictures of wildlife creatures that live here.

We also had a wildlife bookmark competition. Each student was given one type of flora or fauna that is found on our island and they had to incorporate it in an artistic and creative bookmark. Well done to all students as they all worked enthusiastically and produced lovely bookmarks.

Since Spring is on our doorsteps, we also discussed bird migration. As soon as Spring starts approaching many types of bird migrate from Africa to Europe. This is not an easy task for the birds as most of them incur many different types of dangers during their journey and unfortunately not all arrive safely to Europe. The girls made a swallow model and played a game where they themselves were the birds migrating and on the way encountered many types of obstacles. The swallows that managed to arrive safely at their destination won the game.

Giselle Camilleri’

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