Nov 062015
Students were asked to choose an activity they liked most during their fist outing at San Anton Gardens,where there they were engaged in a treasure hunt while visiting The Malta Traditions Exhibition.
1. Our fist school outing – The activity that we really liked on our 1st school outing was that we went a 100 years back in time and we learned more about our country Malta. —  Martina,Veronique and Mattea
2.My favourite part of the outing was when we entered the secret location :There were a lot of beautiful sculptures, painting and photographs of more than a 100 years ago.  If you decide to go there, I’m sure you will have a very nice time. – Julia Cauchi
3.The most thing that I liked about San Anton Gardens was that I worked together as a team with other year 5 school friends. We learnt and we had fun together especially during the treasure hunt! I hope that some day I will go again. – Maria Bugeja

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