Nov 122018

Thanks to the school’s Art teacher, Ms. Christabel Vella, in mid-day break activities during last scholastic year, our students worked together to produce this project.

The initiative came along when the Junior School decided to participate in this project as part of the V18 programme.

A class of Year 5 students, now in Year 6, worked on a love story, linking elements from Orfeo and Eurydice, as well as Majnun and Leila, with the Maltese traditional game, Bum Bum il-Bieb. The students came up with a plot where two royal families decide to make stronger alliances by marrying their offspring to connect their families. …

The students worked on black and white characters, sets and props using recycled cardboard. The work was put together in a stop motion video in the style of a black and white silent film.

On Saturday 27th October there was an event called “Orfeo and Majnun” in different parts of Valletta and this animated stop motion video was exhibited at St James Cavalier Spazju Kreattiv.

You can see the video by clicking on the link here –>

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